Autotell is a platform allows you to communicate with your car in a smarter way, you'll be able to get deep insights on how it performs on road, detecting faults, get instant advice when needed through AI personal assistant and more get instant advice when needed through AI personal assistant and more ... Read More

Is it suitable for me ?

Want to Monetize ?

Want to Monetize ?

Now you can comfortably leave your car for lemosine service, Uber or Careem, let other people drive your car and monitor their driving style and checking car performance remotely from anywhere.

Car model / year

Car model / year

All car models manufactured after year 2000 it should have OBD port compatible with our hardware device, currently we have tested the mobile application on Japanese & Korean cars e.g Hyundai, Nissan and Kia.

Egypt Market

Egypt Market

Do you live in Egypt, that's perfect match.
We have many added services specific for Egyptian market (Service Centers, nearest Gas station and on-road services).

Driving your car

Driving your car

If you have a car for personal use, we will help you evaluating your car performance and reduce gas consumption, also reminding you when car maintenance is needed.


كل ما تحتاجه هو هاتفك المحمول وسيارتك

Revamp driving experience with personal AI assistant


A middleware that easily plugged in the car to communicate between car internal ECU and the mobile app

تطبيق الهاتف الجوال للايفون او الاندرويد

App installed on users smartphones to communicate with the hardware device and the backend system

AI Platform

Manage all process needed for AI service, personal assistant, analytics, machine learning and prediction

لوحة التحكم

Web app that allows to monitor your car health and the driver performance on road

How it works

All you need is your smart phone, and to purchase our hardware device which is easily plugged-in inside you car's cabinet, however we will help you with first time installation process.

How it works in details

1. Plug device into your car

2. Download mobile app

3. Have a nice driving

Our Features

Our aim to gives you the right advice at right moment, helping you gain the most performance of your car with the lowest consumption that definitely reduce your monthly operational cost and extending your car’s spare-parts lifespan while saving your money and time.

Success Partners

Autotell co-founded under the initiative of Ministry of Investment and accelerated by Falak Startups